What do you need to know before applying for a Trust Deed?

Every year more than 6,000 people in Scotland choose a trust deed as a debt relief solution. One of the main advantages of the arrangement is the ability to pay significantly reduced monthly payments based on your affordability while retaining key assets such as home or a car.

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How to keep an eye on your finances following the loss of a loved one?

In this blog, I wanted to highlight a few tips to managing your finances to keep at the back of your mind in case you ever find yourself in this position or have a friend, relative currently going through a bereavement.

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Will sequestration affect my assets such as home?

Over the years the vast majority of debtors have been able to come up with proposals that are acceptable to creditors that have enabled them to remain in their property. Find out what assets you would be able keep and where to get free debt advice in Scotland.

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